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NWYC 1st Amendment provides unbiased and factual information about National and State legislation. We also monitor the IRS and Regulatory Agencies and alert you to proposed changes. Our weekly review and preview email keeps you informed. Tell your ...

Action Alert

Before crucial votes for both Nacional and estate legislation, you will receive Action Alert. You will get the facts, the ban on both sides of the issue, and space for you to send your opinion directly to the lawmakers by email, mail, fax or your phone. ...

The Program

What You Can Access

What You Can Access

Weekly Review and Preview Briefing

What happened last week, what is pending for this week. …

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Action Alerts

Take ACTION to help preserve freedom. Prompting your …

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Know how your elected officials voted and tell them what …

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Mobile App

For quick, easy access to writing your elected officials …

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Access to NWYC Research Center

Unlimited access to NWYC Research Center which monitors …

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Membership Subscriptions

Annual Membership

Annual Membership


$495.00Yearly for 2

Giving Business Owners A Voice on Capitol Hill.

  Your business is too important to risk …

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Monthly investment

$55.009 Payments

What will I get as an NWYC member? Weekly Review and Preview Briefing What happened …

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