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Government Regulations are the silent killer. Know when a government agency proposes a new regulation that can effect your business or your family and take action.

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NWYC 1st Amendment provides unbiased and factual information about National and State legislation. We also monitor the IRS and Regulatory Agencies and alert you to proposed changes. Our weekly review and preview email keeps you informed. Tell your congressman what you think before they vote. If you have questions, get in touch with us.

Action Alert

Before crucial votes for both Nacional and estate legislation, you will receive Action Alert. You will get the facts, the ban on both sides of the issue, and space for you to send your opinion directly to the lawmakers by email, mail, fax or your phone. By sending your opinions directly to the lawmakers you join responsible Americans nationwide that take actions on the same issues at the same time.
Responsible Americans


Christine C. - Florida

The organization informs me with the facts and provides an expedient venue to share my opinions with our elected officials. 

Apr 12, 2022
Rep. Lois Capps - Democrat, CA

It is extremely important for Members of Congress to have a good understanding of the will of the people. Organizations like National Write Your Congressman are vital to establishing this understanding. 

Apr 12, 2022
Rep. Sam Johnson - Republican, TX

[National Write Your Congressman] is unique because it's not a lobbying organization and does not show partiality toward candidates running for office. - The Congressional Record. 

Apr 12, 2022